Challenges that lie ahead in the healthcare sector: An interview with Pawel Midoń

In the interview, Paweł Midoń discusses upcoming challenges, Convista Poland's innovation strategy and the ability of employees to adapt to change.

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Paweł Midoń CEO ConVista Health; Member of the Executive Board at ConVista
Paweł Midoń - CEO ConVista Health; Member of the Executive Board at ConVista

Challenges ahead in the healthcare sector: An interview with Pawel Midoń, CEO of Convista Poland and member of the Convista Management Board

Wioleta Patkowska (HR Manager): What challenges await us in the foreseeable future?
Paweł Midoń (CEO): I will list the three most significant ones, but please note that this is just a start. Brace yourself for what is coming!

  1. Digitalisation. If an insured person wants to go for rehabilitation, they usually approach a doctor. If they suffer from a complex disease, they need to contact the Health Care Fund and schedule a date of each treatment. To this day, many countries have been using paper prescriptions and correspondence. This should have been digitised years ago (bear in mind we live in the 21st century). It is therefore even more important to continue to pursue this goal consistently and to successively implement digitalisation.
  2. Integration. We need to have a comprehensive perspective on all the processes and make sure everyone in the healthcare system is connected. It is especially important in Europe, with so many entities operating in the health care system. This includes insurers, doctors, hospital, manufacturers of medical devices, medical as well as rehabilitation equipment. This is a complex system with a vast pool of entities!
  3. Optimisations. Think of a chronically ill person or a person suffering from more than one condition, for example a diabetic or a person who has suffered a heart attack. It is only a minor fraction of all the cases, yet they generate a significant amount of costs. This calls for the utilization of AI and predictive technologies to enhance diagnostics and treatment.

Wiola: What do these challenges mean for our staff?
Paweł: They require a change of thinking, a shift in mindset. Why, you may ask? Because all the simple, straightforward tasks have already been completed. In the past, an insured person would approach a specific institution, and their sole responsibility was to input their information into the system. Those days are long gone!

As processes are going to grow in complexity, both from a business and technology standpoint, we must adopt a broader perspective to comprehend the entirety, provide guidance, partner with our clients, leverage AI, migrate processes to the Cloud, and explore potential solutions. Think of everything that still needs to be accomplished!

Wiola: How does the company’s strategy accommodate these challenges?
Paweł: We need to be innovative. We need to foster creativity. We need to meet each other and talk to each other. I have just had a conversation with a client. During the last two days I have visited two cities. I have had two official and three unofficial meetings. My business trip allowed me to understand that we often lack knowledge of our clients’ future plans because we are far more occupied with our current assignments. We need to gain a broader perspective and ask ourselves the following question:

  • What do the healthcare system as well as the client require one or two years from now? Why not begin providing it today?
  • Do I understand the needs of the client? We all need a context in which we can do something better, different, be one step ahead of the game, or discover unrecognized needs.

We have joined forces with Convista to use the combined talent of over 1,000 experts from various fields. Let’s make use of this force! Or in other words: leave your laptop at home, come to the office and start talking to your friends and colleagues.

Leaders are facing a similar challenge, as they are supposed to approach the client and co-workers in a proactive way. Their presence at meetings is essential; they must share the same room and exchange ideas with their team. Many people, who used to be great at something, have lost their edge because they did not adapt to the changing world. And we must not forget that the remote work era demands that we demonstrate more initiative and proactive action. This is precisely why we need to be bold and embrace failure. Willing to work with dedicated and creative people, you need to accept the fact that sometimes they make mistakes and fail. And it is completely normal!

Paweł Midoń CEO ConVista Health; Member of the Executive Board at ConVista
Paweł Midoń - CEO ConVista Health; Member of the Executive Board at ConVista

Wiola: How do you approach innovation?
Paweł: Let me use an example. We are currently working on a front-end IT system. The entire project is concentrated on a technology or function, rather than a process. We advised the client to start by defining their processes and understanding the benefits for their customers. Then, they should create interdisciplinary teams to manage these processes effectively, making technology work in their favor. This approach differed significantly from the client’s initial concept. We prioritize user experience because ultimately, users interact with the process, the interface, and are less to none concerned about the technical details… and half of the words I have just said.

This is exactly the kind of courage it takes to be fully committed to the client and advise them from the position of an expert. Sometimes we fear the unknown, something we have not tried before. And it is absolutely fine. However, think for a moment about the perception people once had about the internet or electric cars. And look where we are now.

Wiola: And what does the situation look like at the client’s?
Paweł: You could sense an atmosphere of crisis, as the majority of tenders are awarded to those offering the lowest price, rather than to those delivering the highest quality. Because of this, our competitors dump the prices. Lately, I’ve come across numerous incomplete projects, and at times, cases end up in court, remaining unresolved for years.

We, on the other hand, know the market and know how complex these challenges are. This is why our estimates are accurate and our projects always successfully delivered. Whatever we provide to the client, we want it to be appreciated for its quality and transparent rules. Therefore, we occasionally withdraw our offer. And for some time now, some clients have been returning to us. Why? Because the projects we withdrew from failed.

Wiola: So, what is next? How would you summarize what we have said today?
Paweł: To cut long story short – concentrate on quality through dedication.

  • If you are an employee faced with a new challenge, enjoy it because you have been offered an interesting opportunity to learn. Embrace the change. Close your laptop, ask what the client wants, or what are the needs of your team or your colleague. Be innovative. Whether you like it or not, according to research, a young IT specialist will retrain at least 4 times throughout the span of their career. Knowing that, take the bull by the horns and lead the change, instead of letting the change lead you!
  • If you are a client, choose the right provider and think what you can do to support your clients, instead of concentrating on solving individual technical problems. I bet there is something you do not know yet.
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