Top partner for SAP projects in Austria

ConVista Faktor Zehn GmbH has now been identified as one of the 18 most important Austrian SAP partners by the renowned Report magazine.

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SAP Partner Österreich

In its latest issue, the Austrian business magazine Report went in search of the “secret SAP makers. It identified the partner companies that make up the ERP giant’s success and drive innovation. According to Report, these include ConVista Faktor Zehn GmbH, the Austrian subsidiary of the Convista Group.

As part of the Convista Group, ConVista Faktor Zehn GmbH has access to the consulting expertise and wealth of experience of around 1,000 colleagues at eleven locations worldwide, from which customers in Austria also benefit. ConVista Faktor Zehn GmbH supports companies in operationalizing business strategies and optimizing processes through software integration and development.

SAP currently has 450 employees in Austria and, together with its partner network, serves 1,900 customers, 80 percent of which are small and medium-sized enterprises. In the distribution of its solutions, i.e. consulting, sales and implementation, partners are an indispensable component of success for SAP. According to the report, the Austrian SAP consultant network is unique internationally. Because of its high density and extreme competitive spirit, it is considered a kind of elite group for internationally relevant flagship projects. In the insurance sector, ConVista Faktor Zehn GmbH is one of the technical leaders. For the Walldorf-based company, it is thus an important multiplier into the industry with invaluable detailed knowledge of the market.

To be identified by Report as one of the top 18 SAP partners in Austria is a great confirmation of our successful work over the last 13 years and will spur us on to realize customer projects at the highest level. The goal is to also be among the top ten in the near future.

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