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Definition: What is „New Work“?

The term „New Work“ comes from the social philosopher Frithjof Bergmann. He was essentially concerned with giving people more freedom and self-determination. To achieve this, he turned the familiar principle of gainful employment on its head.

His idea was that people should no longer function as tools that perform tasks solely for the benefit of the company. Instead, the “New Work” should be the means by which people can realize their individual potential. And that is precisely our goal.

We put it this way: For us, New Work means adapting work and the work environment to our lives and needs. The guiding principles here are our values, interests and convictions.


New Work Office

Our guidelines

Flexibility and individuality

We work on the basis of trust


As uncomplicated and effortless as possible

Leadership and Mindset

Appreciation and balance are important to us

New Mobility

On the road in keeping with modern times with electric car and bicycle


Wir handeln verantwortungsvoll

New Work Brainstorming Raum
New Work Brainstorming Raum

Flexibility and individuality: We work on the basis of trust

New Work allows us the flexibility we need to better adapt our work to our individual rhythms. We do consult with our manager, team and customers, but the goal is as much self-determination as possible.

  • Mobile working

Germany-wide, mobile working is a matter of course for us. Just like working in our offices. Each:r mixes it up the way it suits him/her best.

  • Trusted working hours, trusted vacation

With us, both vacation and working hours are regulated on a basis of trust. Each:r decides when he/she can best be active or needs a break. Even more than the usual 30 days of vacation per year are possible.

  • Childcare

Family friendliness is part of our corporate philosophy. That’s why we have our own childcare center in Cologne. There, the kids are in the best hands during working hours.

  • Coaching

Individual coaching and the promotion of talents are particularly important to us: everyone is free to develop in the direction he or she wishes.


New Work Events
New Work Events

Cooperation:  As uncomplicated and effortless as possible

Working together should be pleasant – not a burden. We have tailored our working environment with this in mind. In practical terms, that means:

  • Office

Our office is a real feel-good place, designed to be open and inspiring – a place of exchange where we cultivate personal contacts. With us, you’ll find rooms for teamwork and meetings, space for creativity and concentration. Everyone is free to choose where he or she likes to work. Those who need peace and quiet can easily withdraw.

  • Digitization

For a smooth digital collaboration, everyone has access to modern equipment such as monitor, headset, mouse and keyboard as well as collaboration tools such as MS Teams. We are up-to-date and love to integrate technical innovations into our daily routine.

  • Get together

Team spirit is very important to us: Regular events and personal meetings strengthen our sense of community. For example, we play sports together, meet to exchange information and celebrate legendary parties.


Leadership and Mindset: Appreciation and balance are important to us

The best New Work concept is useless if the individual is lost sight of in the daily interaction. At Convista, everyone is seen as an individual – this has always been the case and is firmly anchored in our corporate culture. We have cultivated goodwill and appreciation in our dealings with each other since the company was founded. Regardless of salary level or length of service.

  • Corporate culture

Open and friendly interaction is a central part of our corporate culture. From senior management to newcomers, we treat each other as equals and support each other.

  • Life-work balance

A good work-life balance is more important than ever. We enjoy maximum freedom in our working day so that we can shape our lives as we see fit.

  • Buddy

You will never walk alone: All new employees are assigned a buddy – a person they can trust to answer all their questions, big and small, and make their start with us easier.

  • Participation

We are all decision-makers – because at Convista, every opinion counts. We welcome everyone who actively contributes and helps us to develop our company further.

  • Mindfulness

We focus on conscious living and conscious working. This means that we can take part in sports sessions during our daily work routine that promote our health.

  • Leadership training

It is important to us to have a consistent understanding of leadership that fits our corporate culture. All our managers undergo our own leadership training.


Sustainability: We act responsibly

Yes, sustainability is a real buzzword. But for us, it’s backed up by concrete action. We use existing resources responsibly in our day-to-day operations – and strive to become even better at it.

  • Green electricity

We are gradually converting our offices completely to green electricity. Our Cologne site was a pioneer.

  • Filter systems

Water march: We have Brita filter systems in our offices from which we can draw fresh water with or without fizz. This saves us having to buy water in plastic bottles.

  • Sustainable offerings

Sustainability has also become an issue in our sales processes. Wherever possible, we offer our customers to work remotely. This means we have to travel significantly less and conserve resources.


New Mobility: On the road in keeping with modern times with electric car and bicycle

For us, New Work goes hand in hand with New Mobility: Those who travel less find it easier to switch to electric vehicles. Environmental friendliness is a value that is very important to most of us. It therefore plays a major role in our mobility concept – as do flexibility and freedom.

  • Car subscription

From the first day of employment, we can choose between many different car models. Our car subscription can be cancelled at any time.

  • E-mobility

Fiat 500e, Polestar, Tesla … If you choose one of the many e-cars, you benefit from an environmental bonus and favorable taxation of the gross list price.

  • E-mobility regulars’ table

We even have our own regulars’ table for this topic called “The Electronic Chatter Corner”. There, we exchange views on all topics relating to e-mobility, either locally or virtually.

  • Job bike

For those who prefer to pedal themselves, we offer a great JobRad instead of a company car. Whether it’s an e-bike, a cargo bike or a mountain bike – you’re free to choose and can even lease two JobBikes at the same time.


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