Establish efficient operations with cloud computing and DevOps

Cloud technologies allow more automated operation, more efficient use of IT resources and faster deployment – saving time and costs. The prerequisite for this is not only automation-friendly operating platforms, but also adapted application programs. To achieve this, companies need IT professionals who can write software as well as understand the technology and requirements of system operation in terms of infrastructure, security, monitoring and networking – in other words, who are both developers and operators: DevOps Engineers.

As a provider of software-as-a-service solutions, Convista is on this path itself and can help smaller insurance companies in particular to get off to a good start.


your advantages: Getting the most out of the cloud

In the context of cloud computing, insurers can use various services. Among other things, these include infrastructure, platforms and software. While private clouds are used via the insurer’s own or exclusively rented data center, public cloud offers are provided by external providers.

Advantages of the private cloud:

Resource utilization

Computing resources can be shared more efficiently between applications if they generate load at different times. This helps to avoid HW idle times.

Operating procedures

Routine work can be automated (e.g., much simpler application rollouts). As a result, insurers not only save costs, but also achieve shorter release cycles.

Advantages of the Public-Cloud:


Components such as backup, failover, monitoring and databases are ready-made.


If required, large quantities of IT resources are also available at short notice. So you remain flexible.

Safety and security

Better protection against some threats, as public cloud providers are generally well positioned here (DDoS protection, disaster recovery).

Cost transparency

You save on acquisition and operating costs and only pay for the resources you actually use.

our services

With experience and know-how into the cloud

You have the option to access Convista’s own applications in the cloud. You can use the Docs A+, ReSy and Highlite software solutions as a cloud solution, including hosting.

Benefit from the experience of our own cloud projects, operations and automation through DevOps – we support insurance companies in bringing their existing applications to the cloud.

Our services:

  • Creation of operational concepts
  • Design of application architectures for operation on cloud platforms and zero-downtime operation
  • Consulting on current operating approaches such as virtualization, container virtualization, cloud infrastructure and “infrastructure as code”
  • Organizing support and operations
  • Automating and streamlining software operations
  • Operation of project support tools such as Jira

Podcast: Successfully introduce DevOps

The idea behind DevOps is quickly explained. However, companies face a number of challenges and detailed questions when introducing DevOps. In smaller IT departments, DevOps is primarily a tooling and know-how issue. The larger the organizations and the more differentiated the distribution of tasks, the more likely DevOps will also become a cultural one.

So how best to approach DevOps? Find out in this episode.



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