Increased efficiency in electronic bank statement processing

You have probably noticed it long ago: The standard function with which you automatically post and clear your bank statements in SAP is limited. In the end, there are always some postings left over that you have to reprocess manually. We have prepared something against this: the iEBS (intelligent Electronic Bank Statement) solution for the intelligent bank statement.

Functionality: The intelligent account statement with Convista iEBS

Why actually intelligent? Because it is artificial intelligence that makes iEBS an efficiency booster. The solution reads the statement files fully automatically, posts them mechanically and optimizes the rate of automatic balancing with machine learning.

We hereby offer you a solution for the automatic posting of bank statements on the cutting edge of technologies with a quite remarkable success rate. Use the success you have achieved to complete more essential tasks.

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We offer you a compact assessment in which we jointly identify and evaluate the optimization potential of your current process.

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Samuel Gonzalez

Added value: What makes our iEBS solution so special?

The iEBS solution is optimized for SAP ERP ECC and S/4HANA – and uses the interface of the SAP standard. So you don’t have to get used to anything big, but can quickly integrate the new functions into your everyday work.

Completely automated reading of account statements

iEBS completely automates the import of bank statement files and enhances the standard with new functions such as splitting the files or forwarding them to downstream applications, which significantly optimize this process step.

Set up booking and clearing rules yourself

The easy-to-use user mode makes it possible to configure the determination of the bank statement posting rule directly in the productive system. In the expert mode, it is possible to easily set even more complex derivations.

The machine learns from employees

Our “learning clarification”, as we call machine learning in iEBS, adapts human knowledge and continuously improves automation, optimizing the compensation rate.

Tools for monitoring and analysis

iEBS extends the standard monitor and provides insights into the automatic import of bank statement files. The advanced analysis tool enables you to analyze the automatic balancing ratio periodically by bank accounts and business transactions.

Benefit: What does Convista iEBS offer you?

  • Enhanced import functions for bank statements
  • Increased success rate in automatic bank statement processing
  • Flexible maintenance of the derivation of posting rules and additional document information
  • Support through “learning clarification” in standard post-processing
  • Convenient bank statement research and monitoring


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