ConsPrep Core

ConsPrep.Core - Preparation for consolidation

Efficiently orchestrate the closing process

ConsPrep.Core supports your closing process efficiently with its different applications. Quality and deadline adherence for data delivery to consolidation can be improved by using different components. Possible sources of error are avoided due to integrated processing and the elimination of media breaks. A common aspect of the various solutions is, in particular, the support of consolidation preparation activities at the process level of individual financial statements.

The different possible applications of ConsPrep.Core are amongst others:

  • Extract - transfer of individual financial statement data into the consolidation by means of delta logic, as well as the possibility of drilldown to the original document; in addition to numerous possibilities for mapping and enrichment of data
  • ICR - Intercompany reconciliation based upon totals records and/or line items, including matching of IC items and comment functions
  • Validation - Validation of individual financial statement data before data is reported to Consolidation, based on the validation rules already defined in Consolidation or defined individually
  • Recording of reported financial data/notes - Form-based recording of data
    - of units whose local accounting is not in SAP FI
    - that are not posted in the individual financial statements (notes, non-financials, qualitative information, etc.)
  • Cash flow statement - Automated cash flow reporting using data from the individual financial statements and based upon uniform Group definitions
  • Closing monitor - Monitoring of the closing activities

Your benefit:

  • Reduction of process times by shifting activities from the consolidated financial statement to individual financial statements
  • Increased data quality and transparency through integrated and consistent data processing from individual to consolidated financial statements
  • Flexible connection of heterogeneous system landscapes and adaptation to changing group structures

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