ConsPrep Tax

ConsPrep.Tax - E-Balance sheet preparation

E-balance sheet: efficient and user-friendly creation and transmission

It is necessary for every company that prepares its balance sheet, to transmit the tax balance sheet electronically to the tax authorities. This can be very challenging; especially with regard to transmission of the capital account development and the special and supplementary balance sheets for partnerships. This is due to the data containing sensitive information, which is not usually kept in the original accounting systems.

ConsPrep.Tax allows you to determine and transfer your e-balance sheet to the tax authorities directly from SAP ERP, in a user-friendly, structured and media-consistent way. A web service connection to the ERiC client takes place in the background.

E-balance sheet reporting is created flexibly, based on the current taxonomy requirements and enabling intuitive entry of required information. The tax balance sheet data is read from the existing SAP accounting system. A dynamic report then makes it is possible to record the development of capital accounts.

In comparison to other standard solutions, ConsPrep.Tax impresses with its clearly arranged closing cockpit and its flexible, user friendly mapping dialog.

Your advantages:

  • A solution for the user completely integrated into SAP ERP
  • Ease of mapping via drag & drop including versioning and presentation possibilities as a basis for further processing in subsequent years
  • One-time maintenance of the GCD master data
  • Automated transfer of taxonomy assignments from the balance sheet for the asset history sheet
  • Transparent transmission to and feedback from the tax authorities directly in SAP ERP with technical solution notes

In addition to the preparation and transmission of the e-balance sheet, ConsPrep.Tax offers numerous other applications for tax reporting:

  • Calculation of deferred taxes
  • Current tax calculation
  • Tax reconciliation statement
  • Historization of tax balance sheet versions
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