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ConVista ConsPrep®

Everyone is currently talking about SAP S/4HANA for Group Reporting ... for good reason. The new Group Accounting solution from SAP shows that modern and efficient group reporting is more than "just" consolidation. We have been pursuing this approach - in conjunction with the various consolidation solutions - for well over ten years with our SAP add-on ConVista ConsPrep.

This is how we start with the critical activities along the record-to-report process, in order to allow barrier-free data flow and avoiding manual intervention. Our approach - an integrated process from the recording of accounting data in the individual financial statements to the consolidated report.

ConVista ConsPrep is a SAP-certified program package. The flexible software architecture combines the advantages of standard software with the possibility to implement customer-specific requirements accordingly.

ConVista ConsPrep supports you with three modules

  • ConsPrep.Core - Mastering the challenges of preparing consolidated financial statements
  • ConsPrep.Tax - The solution for the complex tasks of tax accounting
  • ConsPrep.CbCR - Meeting the requirements of country-by-country reporting with confidence

ConsPrep can be used in an ERP system landscape based on SAP S/4HANA, as well as in a classical SAP R/3 environment.

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