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The ConVista benefits solution with SAP

Calculate and manage benefits more easily, efficiently and in a more sustainable manner

You no longer find working in the national health benefits department fun and you feel that your services do not meet your expectations or the expectations of your claimants. Operational risks and costs continue to rise, and achieving digital management efficiency seem out of reach. Does this sound familiar?

Your IT equipment is no longer up to date. Checking and calculating claims automatically item for item is the exception, and you have to process many claims manually, which takes more time and increases the number of errors being made. You can hardly implement changes to funded claims regulations, and at best they can only be implemented with a significant delay, because your technology isn’t flexible enough to adapt to the changes. Challenges such as the second Nursing Care Strengthening Act (PSG II) are difficult or impossible to master.

So what can you do about it?

End this challenging situation with ConVista’s benefits solution, developed using proven and future-proof SAP standard software.

What we can offer you

We can provide you with the right tools needed to turn things around: a powerful and rapidly deployable solution for all of your requirements.

Powerful because it offers all the advantages of SAP standard software: a wide range of functions, security, and the future viability of a leading technology platform.

And quick to deploy because we bring ready-made implementations with us. That means we will provide testing and calculation benefit specifications, eliminating the need for lengthy specifications during the project. Comprehensive collections of text elements for the automated validation of reductions ensure clarity during their processing and determination.

Our solution includes the ability to manage master data, including cross-application benefit accounts. It integrates perfectly into your existing business processes, and can be  maintained and adapted easily - particularly the encapsulated rule set with its clear structure and simple rule language.

To complete our offer we have adapters to the two most important solutions for scanning and medical document recognition, printing and e-files solutions and to payment transaction systems.

Why choose the ConVista benefits solution?

The performance of our solution is no empty promise – it’s a proven solution, successfully implemented by our customers and in production.

If you are looking for new options for your benefit processing, get in contact with us and we can discuss:

  • automated checking and calculation of individual items
  • consolidated submission calculations to take into account overlapping calculations
  • automated management of multi-claims benefit accounts for monitoring benefits granted or requested
  • centralized management of all benefit specific master data for claimants and their dependents
  • scalable background processing
  • easy integration of upstream and downstream processes and third-party software
  • simple and fast implementation, maintenance and updating
What will you gain?

Working with ConVista means:

  • a modernized, universal and scalable benefits procedure, improving customer confidence
  • a unique combination of professional and technical expertise from one source
  • a lean, efficient and – most importantly – a successful implementation of an innovative solution
  • long-term operational reliability and investment protection

We are here to support you beyond implementation: with a wide range of support and maintenance options. We can offer you a bespoke operating model. Anything is possible, from selective support to releases with regulatory updates keeping up with any legal changes to the national health funding.

We look forward to talking to you!

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