Convert from ERP to S/4HANA without problems

Whether you like it or not, in 2027, SAP will phase out its core ERP product - your business suite, with whose modules you can plan and control all resources from finance and human resources to materials, technology, and logistics. And then what? Then comes SAP S/4HANA, the new standard of the SAP Business Suite.

What does the name S/4HANA mean?

  • S/4HANA is the short form of SAP Business Suite 4 SAP HANA
  • S stands for simple, 4 for the fourth generation of the product (after R/2, R/3 and ERP)
  • HANA is the abbreviation for High Performance Analytic Appliance and describes the underlying database technology.

S/4HANA analyses fast and simplifies business processes

  • analyse and process large amounts of data effectively and within seconds
  • improve the user experience
  • help to simplify business processes

Why you should switch to S/4HANA? Good reasons

  1. after 2027 you can still operate the ERP suite, but SAP will no longer support it as before. Support could become more expensive, run more slowly - or be discontinued altogether. When innovative enhancements are released, you may be left behind.
  2. you create your basis for digital transformation with the changeover. Agile, innovative and open platforms like S/4HANA are the foundation for you to successfully implement your digitalization strategy.
  3. the transformation creates new standards - processes are standardized, innovations have fast cycles, changes are easier. Your system and management become more flexible, independent and innovative.
  4. for example: a transformed finance department manages closing, consolidation and reporting more than 50 percent faster than the average.
  5. In short: With S/4HANA you simply work more efficiently.

As CIO, what can I do to ensure that my company benefits from SAP HANA?

  • You need the HANA database. You need to migrate your existing data to it. Unlike its predecessor SAP R3, S/4HANA no longer runs on Microsoft, Oracle, and IBM databases.
  • Subsequently or in parallel, the simplified structures must be migrated using new code.
  • The latest enhancement package is required for these steps (at least EHP7).
  • Get advice from experienced partners.

The individual conversion to S/4HANA is complex - we show you how it works

  • We have the strategic and the technical view - of the entire spectrum from the vision of your company to the operation of your HANA system landscape.
  • We support you in your digitalization strategy.
  • We offer process and IT competence from one source.
  • We not only make the concepts, we also implement them.
  • We bring proven procedures, methods and tools from previous HANA projects.
  • We take your employees into the new world through training and workshops.
  • You receive a central, uniform solution tailored to your requirements, which is fully integrated into your company's IT infrastructure.
  • We combine decades of industry expertise with in-depth know-how in SAP ERP and all supplementary modules
Do you want to transform your finance department or know more about S/4HANA? Contact us.
Samuel Gonzalez, Finance & Analytics, ERP & S/4HANA

Samuel Gonzalez

Managing Partner Samuel.Gonzalez@ConVista.com
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