ConVista and CloudShore:

A promising cooperation

We are strong together in the area of
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

The partnership with CloudShore came about as part of an internal project with the aim of automating the trading process in treasury. CloudShore's technical expertise in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and the development of bots in UiPath make them a valuable partner for implementing the input of our ConVista colleagues. The result of this collaboration is the treasury bot "Tracy".

Digital Workers


CloudShore currently offers four "Digital Workers" for hire.
They work with SAP Business APIs (BAPIs) and have no graphical user interface, thus mak-ing them 100% SAP compatible.



allows automating the management of foreign exchange (FX) trades to increase their accuracy and efficiency. Tracy analyses the existing exposure and proposes the appropriate hedging measure. After approval, this is executed and recorded in the TMS.


is used in sales and logistics to manage the process. Bill's task is to make the entire process more efficient, from ordering to the cash process (SD).


is used in purchasing, production, and loading materials.


takes care of the management and financing for invoices (FI).

Shaping the future
with RPA technology

  • Process automation
  • Reduction of human errors
  • More time for decision making as repetitive, manual tasks are fully automated
  • Increases efficiency by shifting focus to tasks that require human intervention
  • Transformation of business processes
  • Exploits hidden potential
  • Reduces costs through automation

Flexibly deployable digital workers
across the enterprise

  • Financial and -cost accounting: Future automated investments and transactions
  • Data maintenance and evaluation: E.g. in hospitals for patient records, evaluation of medical history and check-out times
  • Reporting: Automated reporting
  • Recruiting: Analyse candidates applying for a specific position and sort by requirements

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Christian Million

Christian Million

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