TRANSFORMATION of It systems: IT systems with which you set the course for the future

Digitization not only changes the rules of the game in the insurance industry, but also offers enormous growth opportunities. These lie dormant above all in (outdated) IT systems and analog processes. Whether core or peripheral system – exploit your growth opportunities: with flexible IT systems, modern technology stack and smooth data exchange.

What is important for selection & introduction:  Successfully master IT projects

Whether core or conversion system during the transformation of your IT systems you will be confronted with various – not only technical – pitfalls. Learn from our experience: We know what technical changes mean for IT and vice versa. Our employees come from insurance companies or have gained many years of professional experience in projects there.

Stay flexible

Technological change is constantly offering new opportunities and changing market requirements. IT systems must be flexible so that you can exploit their potential. That’s why we don’t provide you with a template that we impose on you, but work with you to develop the right concepts and processes.

Comply with regulations

Data security is the be-all and end-all for insurance companies. At the same time, regulatory requirements are increasing. We bring expertise and experience to implement such requirements efficiently and sustainably.

IT & professionalism in view

Management, business and IT – the list of areas to be considered and coordinated in IT projects is long, and expectations are high. This makes it all the more important to obtain requirements at an early stage and to communicate their feasibility transparently. As the interface between IT and business, we “translate” the business requirements into comprehensible IT concepts – and vice versa.

Simplify integration

The IT landscape of insurance companies, which has grown heterogeneously over time, is usually characterized by isolated solutions that are interconnected via interfaces. New IT systems should integrate into the existing IT landscape and enable smooth data exchange. We design, develop and implement IT systems to match your existing system landscape.

Accompany change

Acceptance is a central key factor for successful IT systems. That is why stakeholders who can influence its course or who are to work with the IT system should be involved at an early stage. Our experts accompany and train you in change management.

SAP, JAVA or In-house development: Standard software or proprietary development?

Whereas a few years ago insurance companies relied on specially developed software solutions in order to be able to react flexibly to individual requirements, nowadays standard solutions are increasingly gaining ground. The main reason is cost advantages. The most important decisions therefore include the questions:

  • Buy standard software?
  • Should we go for an on-premise or cloud solution?
  • Or should we (have someone) develop custom software?
  • And if a standardized solution, how do I select the right solution? And how can it be adapted to individual requirements?


Bestandsführungssystem Resy automatisiert Verwaltungsprozesse
Resy Bestandsführungssystem für Restschuld der convista - ehemals enowa

our services: Consulting, development, implementation and support from a single source

Whether you rely on standardized software such as SAP or choose an individual approach – we accompany and advise you from the initial idea through the concept to the go-live and operation of your IT systems. As an experienced industry specialist, we know various standard software from different IT projects and support you in integrating them. We also develop customized software solutions for you.

You can use our services flexibly: We support you operationally in individual phases of your project – for example, through requirements engineering or in test management – or throughout the entire project cycle.



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