Modernization of the value chain: Process optimization – towards service-driven and automated processes

Digitalization is changing customer expectations and thus presenting insurance companies with new challenges: The product and service offering must become faster, more efficient, and more digital. The processes along the entire value chain are therefore subject to pressure to change toward service-driven and automated processes. The only problem is that the processes in the insurance industry are complex. The system landscape has usually grown over decades. Dependencies between core and peripheral systems must be taken into account when changes are made to processes.

Intelligently network processes: Digitization encompasses the entire value chain

Whether in claims management, the sales process, or the portfolio process – our experts support you with professional and technical know-how.


Efficient and automated management of actuarial core processes as a decisive competitive factor – our Convista actuaries support you with consulting in the areas of product development, inventory management, implementation technology and the testing of calculation cores.

Financial Services

We support insurance companies in optimizing their internal financial processes, starting with the finance function and the management of cash flows, through controlling, to issues of legal and regulatory compliance and the sustainability of their own business activities.

Customer Experience

Increasing connectivity to partners and customers and ever faster changing customer expectations are bringing the topic of customer experience more and more into focus. We support insurers in the implementation and optimization of an integrated customer experience.


We support you across all industries in turning the information available in your companies into a valuable asset. Predictability and planning reliability play a central role in this.

Sales management

Many insurance companies face a number of challenges when it comes to sales control and compensation management: Transparency and access to current data such as commission payments, for example. We support you in the selection and introduction of suitable software and process optimization.


From digital claims reporting, to benefits and commission management, to status messaging on the insured’s mobile device.

Our services: Shape the transformation of your core processes

We accompany your projects from process analysis, conception and development to successful project completion and handover to the company. In doing so, we use both the classic waterfall model and modern, agile methods.

Our focus is on processes, business procedures and functions, always keeping people in mind. We analyze current market developments and include them in our considerations. If action is required, we show you alternative solution options during the project lifecycle, making us a strong partner in the realization and implementation of your projects.


Process consulting

A lean and effectively designed process landscape is an important component of a well-functioning company. We analyze the current situation based on system processes, architectures and workflows and work with our customers to develop customized solutions. Subsequently, we gladly support the process optimization up to the rollout.

Project and program management

New projects and major undertakings in the context of digital transformation are often complex and multi-layered. Time pressure, many parties involved and regular coordination are just some of the challenges. In addition, parts of a project can increasingly run virtually. We support you in project leadership and program management.

Migration of your data and processes to new systems

Digital transformation often involves migrating data from the old to the new system. Years of experience in this area coupled with technically supporting tools can make the migration more efficient.

Change Management

Digital transformations in companies are associated with major changes. When implementing new processes, challenges often arise because one of the most important key factors has been neglected or forgotten – the employees. We would be happy to support you with our change management to make your project a success.


Impulses around process transformation in the insurance industry

TAA process: How insurers can increase the level of automation

Much has been done in the digitization of TAA processes. Nevertheless, there is further potential for optimization in the TAA sector. Where can we start to increase the degree of dark processing? Four possible levers.


Im TAA-Prozess von Versicherern findet sich weiteres Potenzial, um die Dunkelverarbeitungsquote zu erhöhen.
Im TAA-Prozess von Versicherern findet sich weiteres Potenzial, um die Dunkelverarbeitungsquote zu erhöhen.

Claims Process: Trends, Issues & Challenges 2022

A claim is and remains the “moment of truth” for insurers. Only those who handle claims in a simple, uncomplicated and fast manner can achieve a high level of customer satisfaction and bind policyholders to their insurance company in the long term. But how can the claims process be optimized accordingly? Raphael Karg looks at the current trends and challenges.

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