Custom Analytical Queries in S/4HANA

The integration of Embedded Analytics in S/4HANA provides users with a comprehensive reporting tool to access data from different business areas in real time. To meet individual reporting and analysis requirements, the Fiori-based technology of "custom analytic queries" offers flexible design options.

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Custom Analytical Queries
Custom Analytical Queries

Custom Analytical Queries in S/4HANA: Flexible reporting and data analysis in SAP

With embedded analytics integrated into S/4HANA, users are provided with a comprehensive reporting tool that can be used to access data from different areas of the company in real time. The challenge for companies is to structure and, if necessary, visualize the underlying data in such a way that their individual reporting and analysis requirements are met at all times.

In order to give companies flexible design options in the definition of their data analyses in this context, without having to leave the SAP standard, the Fiori-based technology of “Custom Analytical Queries” is available within Embedded Analytics.

The Custom Analytical Queries application is a powerful tool that helps transform and organize relevant data from the various SAP modules (see also Figure 1). The basis is always an individual and easily configurable query, which is used to display the required dimensions, selection criteria or key figures within an output structure. In addition, it is possible to combine different data from different SAP modules within one query via flexibly definable data sources. In this way, the technology of user-defined analytical queries makes a decisive contribution to companies gaining a deeper insight into their business processes and thus being able to make more informed decisions.

Grundlagen benutzerdefinierte analytische Abfragen
Grundlagen benutzerdefinierte analytische Abfragen
Grundlagen benutzerdefinierte analytische Abfragen
Grundlagen benutzerdefinierte analytische Abfragen

Key features and benefits of custom analytic queries include

  • Creation of company-specific analysis and evaluation structures based on various data sources
  • Definition of customizable key figures and ratios from various SAP modules such as FI, CO, SD or MM
  • Flexible design of report grids (row and column structure)
  • No extensive programming knowledge required, making the application accessible to a wider range of users
  • Reports can be displayed within Embedded Analytics, printed or exported to various formats such as Excel or PDF.
  • All standard functionalities from Embedded Analytics are available; these include drill-down, slice and dice functions or variable structure and dimension adjustments

By creating user-defined analytical queries within their own SAP Fiori apps, users can access data in a uniform and intuitive user interface and evaluate it in a goal-oriented manner. This creates the technological basis to further optimize data analysis processes and ultimately processes for decision-making.

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