#fredwagner: On business model perspectives and cultural transformation in the insurance industry

What practices insurance companies developed in the past? What changes need to take place? And how are industry business models changing?

Dr. Alexander Vollert, Chairman of the Management Board of AXA Konzern AG, will be answering questions by his host Prof. Dr. Fred Wagner in the current issue of the video magazine #fredwagner.

According to Dr. Vollert, from a digitalisation perspective, German insurers have to make up for their mistakes very quickly and learn to think and act in a customer-centred manner. The primary goal of companies is to change, acquire new skills and become faster at what they do.

And, this is exactly what AXA is currently working towards. The new answer to the question: “What is the company's purpose?” is, “We provide security”. The Group takes on a new role for the customer and, at the same time, changes its business model.

You can look forward to an entertaining interview with interesting topics and a stimulating discussion. You can find the entire interview here: www.convista.de/de/fredwagner.html


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