Fundraising campaign for flood victims – €9,710 collected

The flood disaster and its consequences are staggering. For this reason, ConVista launched a fundraising campaign at the end of July to support the flood victims in Germany. The aim was to help together as a ConVista Group.

Thanks to the active support of the employees, a proud sum of €4,855 was collected. The management decided to double this amount to €9,710 and subsequently hand it over to the "Deutschland hilft" campaign.

Hinz Martin
Martin Hinz CEO ConVista Consulting AG

We are still deeply saddened that so many people have lost their homes or even loved ones due to the flood disaster. I am proud that many of you have already helped spontaneously through donations and personal commitment. Thank you for supporting our fundraising campaign in such large numbers.

We will double the donation amount of €4,855 from the company side. This means that together we can donate €9,710 to "Aktion Deutschland Hilft".

Thank you very much!

But the crisis does not end with the conclusion of this fundraising campaign. The people from the flooded areas continue to need help. Anyone who would like to find out about the current situation or stay up to date on specific projects can find more information at the following link: ▶ Aktion "Deutschland hilft" Hochwasser in Deutschland

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